Moms, Stop Putting Up With Peeing Your Pants, Pelvic Pressure and Looking Like You're Pregnant (When You're NOT)!

''Discover How You Can Feel Stronger,

More Confident, and Sexy Again,

All While Fixing Embarrassing Leaking, Healing Prolapse And Getting Rid of Your Pooch!''


Dear Frustrated, Scared or Frumpy-Feeling Mom,


If you’ve ever wanted to get rid of your “mom bod” so you can feel more confident (at the gym, at work AND in the bedroom), workout without worrying about peeing a little OR without worrying about making your pelvic pressure worse, then this will be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Because I am going to show you how to get a stronger, sleeker core without doing a single crunch or plank (...things that can make leaking and prolapse worse...) without having to worry about figuring it out yourself or doing something wrong. 

But before I do that, let me tell you a story of how I was able to go from feeling disgusted with my body and worrying about leaking at the gym to feeling strong and sexy, even in a bikini. 

Before I had my two kids I was an avid long distance runner. After delivering my first daughter I noticed some annoying and embarrassing leaking when I got back to hitting the pavement and when doing burpees and jumping jacks at the gym. I dealt with it by wearing a pad and making sure my bladder was emptied before my runs and workouts.


Somewhere between my first and second child I lost interest in working out, mainly because I was a stay-at-home mom who was consumed with all the things that come with taking care of a newborn-turned-toddler. I was too exhausted to think about taking care of me. Who has time for working out when you’re getting up in the middle of the night to nurse...worrying about juggling snacktime and naptime with getting groceries….then potty training and making sure you have enough playdates and not too much screen time?!? There was ZERO room for “self care time” in there for me.


After my second daughter was born, things got even worse with my incontinence and by then I had really gotten out of shape!  Although my husband didn’t seem fazed by my changing body, I felt less-than-sexy and definitely had no interest in being intimate, yet I knew that it was an important part of our relationship. Eventually I wanted to get back in shape, but I was plagued with the embarrassment of peeing a little in my yoga pants on my runs and at the gym. 

I tried physical therapy but I wasn’t a big fan of the internal ultrasound and biofeedback they did and I felt helpless on making things better for myself. Kegels didn’t seem to work and I wanted to do the fun stuff I was used to, like squats and lunges and crunches and medicine ball work.

found the energy and motivation to get back in the gym and increased my mileage, going from running 5ks to 10ks then half marathons, all while ignoring my body and just dealing with the leaking. It wasn’t uncommon for me to run for 10-15 + miles at a time...completely dehydrated and sipping not an ounce of water...for fear of peeing my pants!


By that point I was in my mid-30’s with a rockin’ body...

NOT having a mom bod was highly motivating for me…but the incontinence was a real problem!


I felt sexy again in my bikini and felt worthy of my husband’s attention behind closed doors, instead of wanting to shrivel up and die at the thought of him looking at my naked body, but I couldn’t jump on the trampoline with my kids. Even running after them in the backyard sometimes made me pee my pants. 

After experiencing the embarrassment of being out of shape, feeling self conscious in the bedroom and at the pool and peeing my pants with workouts, I decided to do something about it!  

I started to take some courses on the core and pelvic floor and learn the ins and outs about postpartum recovery. It was then that I started to heal my own embarrassing problems and help other women with the same issues.


Now here I am, years later helping other moms feel strong and confident once again, all while NOT making things worse for them. 


Now I regularly go to the gym and lift weights without wearing a pad. I wear my favorite clothes, including sun dresses and leggings and skinny jeans with cute little tops, and I don’t worry that I’m making things worse down there. Plus standing in my underwear and bra or in a bikini doesn’t make me want to run and hide.


So after I was able to get my body toned and feel strong again, I decided… 


Why Not Make The Ability To Heal From Leaking, Feel More Confident and Get Rid of The Mom Bod Available To All Women!!! 

So I decided to combine all the research… all the hours I spent searching for and researching incontinence and ways to get strong again a piece of cake. 



You’ll get all the tips and techniques that’ll allow you to feel strong and get back to the gym or even just take care of your kids, push a stroller and lift your laundry basket again without making things worse when you invest in:




with Justine

[Level 1] | Online Program


will enable women

to begin to feel strong again without having to do a single crunch or plank or worry about doing “the wrong thing” at the gym or at home.


  • 6 Step-by-step Modules

    with pre-recorded videos that you can work through at your convenience. This course will take you from absolute Beginner of Low Pressure Fitness to Intermediate, as you gradually build your core and pelvic floor strength, so you feel stronger and more confident with movement.

  • All Slides

    from class with all the material from each module so you can review it at your own pace.

  • Access to a Password-protected 

    Member's Area where you will have lifetime access to your course and all materials and where you will get upgrades automatically in the future as the course is improved (I’m always using feedback from my students to improve the learning experience).  

  • Access to A Private VIP Facebook Group

    which is where I’ve created a community of other women; other students  and alumni of our courses. Here you will have access to additional materials and teachings that are not accessible anywhere else, along with lifetime access to the group, so you can ask questions and receive guidance.

  • A Wellness Box

    mailed to your home with a small self-treatment ball, 2 different resistance Therabands for added strengthening, and printed handouts of the 8 beginner poses for use at home.

  • Digital Handouts

    of the 8 beginner level poses for easy reference, uploaded and  available in your Members Area.

All these resources are designed to help you feel stronger

by restoring your deep core and pelvic floor strength so you can be active again AND help you bounce back after having your baby.

All of this was created from years of working exclusively with women during pregnancy and postpartum, practicing on myself to see if what I was learning made sense and figuring out a way to teach it the simplest and in the most convenient way so women from all over the world could feel better. Many hours and hundreds of dollars have been spent by me personally to gather and perfect the information I am willing to share with you


You see, I am very proud of ‘ Low Pressure Fitness [Level 1]’ because after you use ‘Low Pressure Fitness L1” you’ll be able to move easier, lift heavier things and look stronger than you do now. From this you’ll have a boost in confidence and have a workout style that you can use for years to come. You’ll also be able to apply the principles you learn to create your own low pressure fitness routines as your primary form of exercise OR you can use it to complement your other workout routines, like yoga, weight lifting, running, cycling and even Pilates.


Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what customers from all over the country are saying about ‘LOW PRESSURE FITNESS' with Justine [Level 1].


Low Pressure Fitness is great for women worried about Prolapse, Leaking, Core and Pelvic Floor Weakness and Justine will take you from absolute beginner to intermediate in just 6 weeks (with extra practice on your part in between weekly classes).

Mary C.


“Low Pressure Fitness has been a great tool for me to use in my early postpartum healing. It’s really helped me to reconnect to my core, breath, and pelvic floor. The hypopressive breathing was a bit of a learning curve for me, but I feel it gets easier and smoother with each practice. I really look forward to progressing the movements and getting stronger. 

I’m so grateful for Justine and all the dedication and love she puts into helping her clients heal.”



Caitlin G.


‘’I just finished taking Justine’s Low Pressure Fitness course and it was awesome! She was a great teacher, she explained in-depth what hypopressives were, what it’s doing in my body and even though the course was taken with other women I really feel that she individually catered it to me and my body, how to help me best do hypopressives correctly. I found it very informational, very helpful and I would take it again.’’

Which Of These Powerful Secrets  

Could You Use To Get Rid of Your Pooch, Stop Leaking, Heal Pelvic Prolapse and Feel and Look Stronger?


    How to build your core strength WITHOUT increasing the pressure into your pelvis….the very key to healing from incontinence and prolapse.

    A quick test to check your lower abdomen and pelvic pressure to accurately know where you’re starting at and how bad things are.

  • How to get a workout for your WHOLE BODY! Not only will you tone your core and pelvic floor, but you’ll feel and look stronger in your arms and legs, too, whether you’re a brand new mom or it’s been years since you had your babies.

    Improve your posture and stamina so you no longer look pregnant...when you’re not…!

    How to improve your performance in other areas of your home when playing with your kids and doing your mom jobs...with other types of workouts...and even carryover to work.

  • How to breathe with the diaphragm and ribcage to improve your success at strengthening the deep core and pelvic muscles...and simple tricks on how to be successful, even if you’re tight or simply not able to do it starting out. 

    How to create a proper Hypopressive, or Abdominal Vacuum, in order to decompress your back, lift your pelvic organs (including the bladder, uterus and rectum) and shrink your waistline.

  • Why doing Kegels alone may not be helping you and how to perform a Hypopressive breath for 2x the potential to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. 

    Learn 8 Beginner Low Pressure Fitness Poses and how to transition between them so you can create your own routines and feel strong AND more flexible after each workout.

    How to improve your posture so you can stop looking and feeling like an old lady or a frumpy mom.

  • …And a whole lot more!

Okay, So What’s The Cost For Feeling Strong, More Confident and Sexy Again, While Fixing Embarrassing Leaking, Healing Prolapse and Shrinking Your Waistline...Forever!! 

You see, there are many people who spend thousands of dollars trying to fix incontinence, heal from prolapse and properly tone their core. Not to mention the countless hours of time wasted banging your head against the wall trying to figure it all out on your own.



Plus you can buy other products that range between $300 to $900 but  end up frustrated at the end.


Believe me, I used to be there! 



But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount for ‘Low Pressure Fitness [Level 1]'. You can get everything you need to heal pelvic pressure, stop peeing your pants when you workout and ditch the mom body for a low price of 3 payments of $99 or 1 payment of $249


You see, 3 payments of $99 or one payment of $249 is a drop in the bucket compared to the money you’re going to waste on  ineffective Kegels, dieting, feminine pads, and taking pills. You probably spend that much shopping for things you don’t really need on Amazon that are gone in an instant.

Find a payment plan that's right for you.

Every plan comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

One Time Payment of


3 Monthly Installments of


Mama, you know you’d spend that amount on your kids if they needed something, would it be so bad to get something for yourself that could really impact how you show up in so many aspects your life? 


Why not invest that money to  heal your vag issues and get your strong, lean body back


Believe me, I wish I had “Low Pressure Fitness [Level 1]” when I was a stay-at-home-mom with little to no time for myself and a strong desire to feel like MYSELF again, strong and sexy and dry! It would have saved me hours of frustrating trial and error so I could workout and run freely without worrying about embarrassing leaks, wear a bikini instead of a mom swimsuit that covered my legs and stomach and boost my confidence.  


So, what’s the catch? Why am I practically giving this resource away? 


Well, it’s really quite simple, I want to give everyone, including you, the ability to workout with confidence, improve your self image and heal from prolapse. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do yoga in my bikini on the beach during our family vacation and workout at the gym without a pad without it!!

In fact, to shamelessly bribe you even further, here are: 

3 FREE Bonuses Worth $225

If You Take Action Right NOW!

FREE Bonus Gift #1

 Bonus Low Pressure Fitness Class combining Level 1 with Level 2 elements for a more challenging workout

($50 value). 

FREE Bonus Gift #2


 Private 30-Minute Check-In Video Call with the Instructor to ask questions, receive feedback on your form and technique and to offer you personalized guidance for your particular concerns. ($125 value).

FREE Bonus Gift #3


“Check Your Own Pelvic Floor” Video that guides you step-by-step on how to: check your Kegel strength, see if your pelvic muscles are too tight, check your pelvic organ position and evaluate any scars if you tore during childbirth

($50 Value).

That’s right! I’ll give you these 3 bonuses worth $225 when you take action today and invest in ‘LOW PRESSURE FITNESS [Level 1]’. This is a limited time offer I can take down at any second – so  take action today!

But I Know You’re Skeptical About

Healing Your Prolapse and Feeling Strong, Confident and Sexy Again In As Short Amount Of Time Possible!

That’s OK… I’ve been there!

Before I got my body back and learned how to take care of my pelvic floor so I wasn’t making anything worse during my workouts (and in fact HEALING my greatest worries) I felt the same way.



That’s why I’m offering the following 100% Risk Free Guarantee:

30 DAY


I personally guarantee that if you don’t start to feel stronger and more confident and like you’re on the right track to heal your prolapse or leaking, in 30 days then let me know and I’ll issue a prompt and courteous  refund. No questions asked – no hassles! 


I feel this is as fair as I could be! 


That means you can try out ‘Low Pressure Fitness [Level 1]’ at my risk. See if it works for you or not. And if it  doesn’t produce, I honestly want you to ask for your money back!! 


Justine Calderwood, MSPT

Founder of Healing Spot

But I’m sure you’ll be able to tone your core and feel stronger so you can be more active without worrying as much as you currently are, in no time. I wouldn’t have spent the time and effort creating “Low Pressure Fitness [Level 1]” and writing this letter to you if I didn’t think it would help you feel sexier, stronger and more confident at home, at work, and in the bedroom.

You Really Can’t Afford NOT To Invest In


Right Now You Have Two Choices:

You can either continue to  worry about embarrassing leaks and pelvic pressure and beat yourself up over your body and how much it has changed since having your baby.


Or you can take action today, right now, by investing in “Low Pressure Fitness [Level 1]” And start getting a smaller, more toned waistline, healing prolapse and overcoming embarrassing leaks. This choice is yours.




So, order today, right now, while it’s still hot on your mind and be prepared to restore your confidence and your strength and reclaim your active lifestyle!




Justine Calderwood, MSPT

Certified Birth Healing Specialist

Master Reiki Practitioner

Low Pressure Fitness Level 3 Certified Trainer

P.S. One more thing, it’s important: I reserve this right to raise the price of ‘Low Pressure Fitness [Level 1]’ based on demand. Plus, the 3 bonuses worth $225 may be taken off this and sold  individually. So invest in ‘Low Pressure Fitness [Level 1]’ while this offer is still up! 


P.P.S. Imagine being able to jump rope, run, swing kettlebells and reclaim your sexy body. “Low Pressure Fitness [Level 1]”  was created to enable you to strengthen your core and pelvic floor, reduce pelvic pressure and leaking without making things worse and help you ditch your ‘mummy tummy’ as fast as possible. The best part is you’re backed by my 100% Risk Free Guarantee.  So order today!



Let's Find Out!

One of the things that really concerns me is that the PTs women are seeing are always telling them to do more Kegels


There’s a better way to rebuild your core and pelvic floor, much better than Kegels!!


Here’s a quick demo of Low Pressure Fitness or Hypopressives, which I’m finding is a better way to rebuild core and pelvic floor strength. Seriously, this is the preferred way if you have Diastasis, Prolapse, Leaking, Low Back Pain, Or just feel weak in your core.

If you  followed my video and you’re wanting a bit of help, you’re in luck: 'Low Pressure Fitness [Level 1]' is an online program just for you, where you can get some real solutions to your mummy tummy and pelvic prolapse or embarrassing leaking, too (including better understanding what may be going on down there). My patients usually start improving their Core Weakness after the first visit and it’s because we start addressing their real issues….and it isn’t always that they need more Kegels.



The 'Low Pressure Fitness [Level 1]' online program is PERFECT for women who are ready to work on refining their midsection, who may be worried about their Core and Pelvic Floor Weakness (or don’t know yet if they do….).


Here Are A Few Answers To Our Most Common Questions...

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Transform your quality of LIFE in 6 Hours or less!

This course will teach you, step-by-step, how to put an end to your Pelvic Organ Prolapse and get your 'pre-kids' body back just in 6 hands-on modules.


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